Tuesday, May 09, 2006

That Is Huge

All I can say is, our new logo is enormous. As well it should be.

The reason why it should be is because, large as it is, it's like me. I'm also huge. And that is one of the many, many reasons why I suck.

Feeling the onus of saying something substantive, I have to remark that I recently learned that broccoli is a fraudulent vegetable. I can accept mistruths from a number of sources, up to and including toothpaste testimonials and presidential promises, but I always assumed that broccoli, which is not only a dark leafy vegetable, an antioxidant, and an anticarcinogen, was true enough not to lie to me. I feel a bit like the dragon in Mulan: "You...lied to me? And what are you? An unholy union between cauliflower and lettuce?" (Come to think of it, I've had a few dates like that).

Speaking of unholy unions, Petra and I have been jogging in the morning, in order to reduce the bigness that is my Fob contribution. By the end of this summer, I expect to be the skinniest member (we're all laughing with you, Petra). I only tell you this so that you know what you have to contend with.

Oh, and in other news, I'm thinking of renaming the novel to "Danette, Me, and the Enormous Fradulent Fobroccoli of Love."

Publishing this, I realized suddenly that there's no way of knowing that this post should be attributed to Tolkien Boy. Therefore, I'm going to propose that we separate by color. I therefore color this whole post GREEN. I claim green to infinity.

And it claims me. Oh, how it claims me. Green = Tolkien Boy


Blogger Master Fob said...

There is actually a little line on the bottome that says "Posted by Tolkien Boy."

5/09/2006 5:39 PM  
Blogger The Walrus said...

Obviously that makes TB seem a bit of a ninny, now, doesn't it?
And possibly myself too, because I'm sure I overused the comma.

5/14/2006 10:55 AM  
Blogger Tolkien Boy said...

Obviously. Just another reason why I suck.

5/17/2006 7:53 AM  

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