Saturday, July 22, 2006


. . . revising is dishonest.
Soldiers on the battlefield
do not have the ability to rewrite
their errant mortar fire.
Firemen are allowed no second drafts.
How often have I wished
I could return to a scene
from my own life
and pencil in a witty rejoinder,
an encouraging word, or a condom?

-----Kevin Guilfoile
(attorney's husband)


Thmazing's List of Awesome Revisioning Tips

♦ Time is money. Revising takes time. Do the math.

♠ Can you really shovel it on any deeper than you did the first time around?

♣ What smells better, perfumed tobacco smoke or burnt-out Bics? Neither, am I right?

♥ As with all things, use The Love Equation (just plug in "revising"):

    Will revising bring me more or less love?
Given that revising is a sad and lonely activity, I'm going with no.

Thmazing's List of Awesome Revisioning Tips is to be used by trained, fobbing professionals only. By no means does Thmazing's List of Awesome Revisioning Tips claim to be all inclusive, all disclusive, or even all clusive. In fact, some experts claim Thmazing's List of Awesome Revisioning Tips is the opposite of clusive. That these people are idiots is fully beyond the point.

Thmazing is an imaginary construct and does not exist, speaking clusively only and without respect.


Blogger Master Fob said...

By Kevin Guilfoile's logic, revision is then the thing that separates writing from reality, makes the former a craft and the latter just a thing that exists.

7/22/2006 6:49 PM  

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