Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Elegy for Edgy

Now as the month of May her long and languid novel ends
we celebrate the passing of one of our dearest friends.
For Edgy, mighty Edgy, hero of the modern age
has been full far too absent from IM or blogging page.

Who thought the month of May would be the month of his demise?
'Twas a tragedy the most prophetic never could surmise.
Not even Mr. Brown, with all his knowledge of the past,
could guess this devastation that has left us all aghast.

O, Edgy! With your editing, you kept the Fobsters sane,
and steered us from the tangents to discussions more germane.
Your comments were regarded with the greatest awe and joy,
especially when you disagreed with stupid Tolkien Boy.

The things we could have shared with you! The things we could have done!
Your "your mom" jokes were getting good, you made many a pun.
We could have fed you veggie dishes in all sorts of disguise,
and finished it with slices of vinagary pies.

Alas, no more! Your month's deceased!
We laud the summer goddess now with every picnic feast!
The lusty month of May is passed, and with it goes your fame
no longer will we spend each morning chanting out your name!

O, Edgy, come, return to us, and grace us with your wit!
We've gone so long without you, and we're not liking it.
We long to know just how the pumpernickel is our bane
and what editorgirl did for us against looming domain.

O, Edgy, Edgy, Edgy! The tears pour down our cheeks,
We've spent the last week missing you, and missing really reeks.
If you're alive, please let us know, for we hope that it's true -
besides, we've already buried Jeph; let's not inter you, too.

Paid for by the Friends O'Edgy campaign.


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5/31/2006 9:43 PM  
Blogger Queen Zippergut said...

Such beautiful words to comfort us in our loss...

6/01/2006 2:18 AM  

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