Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chapter Infinity: The End

After Jeph's funeral, the Fobs all parted and promised never to speak of the horrific events of the last three weeks again. Master Fob and Foxy returned to Fob Island, where they raised up a great nation that would eventually take over the world. Theric and Lady Steed went underground, preparing a militia in northern Idaho for the day they knew would come, when Master Fob's power would get out of control. Queen Zippergut retired with her King to their palace, where they oversaw their subjects' continual spring cleaning. Meylngoch invited editorgirl and Petra to join her convent in the jungles of Venezuela; editorgirl accepted, but Petra declined, choosing instead to become a prostitute in Indonesia. Tolkien Boy went on tour with Michael Buble, singing showtunes and gospel music, after which the two settled down in Canada. The Marchioness, sadly, spent the rest of her days in a padded cell, reading and rereading a copy of Pride and Prejudice with rounded corners. Edgy Killer Bunny, on the other hand, had the happiest fate of all--he and Dec opened a bookstore-gym-wedding reception center in Seattle, allowing them to ride out the coming revolution in relative wealth and comfort.

Ryan, meanwhile, wondered why he wasn't in this story.


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