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In Which We Focus (For Once) On Tolkien Boy's Writing, Darn It

Hi, friends. While we're waiting for the thrilling conclusion of the FOB MAD LIBS (trust me when I say it's worth the wait, as it's already given me at least an hour of enjoyment), I wondered if I might take a moment to talk to you about something near and dear to all of our hearts.

I am referring, of course, to Tolkien Boy's writing. Most specifically, the writing that he has already written. I'm getting to the point that I realize that it's not only a self-affirming activity for me to publish--it's also enormously beneficial to my career goals. Hence, I need to become more serious about my publishing activities. I would bring this up in FOB, but many of you that know much about the writing world--coughThericEdgyeditorgirlcough--aren't here. I hope that by opening it up in this more geographically-inclusive format will get me answers that are more conclusive.

I have a number of finished stories, and I wonder if you have any suggestions where they could be sent as per publication. At last count, I have:

A serious science fiction story about a woman in a futuristic society whose high-tech outfit convinces her to kill her best friend.

A humorous story about a young married couple who turn into animals at night, and have to find a way out of their dilemma.

A serious, even dark, story about a girl who creates a love potion to seduce a young man who in actuality loves Karen Carpenter (so to speak).

A serious, realistic story about two young men deciding whether they love or hate each other.

A serious science fiction story about a young man coming of age in a post-apocalyptic world (in this case, the apocalypse is a plague).

A humorous, fairy-tale-like story of a powerful but clueless king of the sky who falls in love with a milk maid.

A serious, slightly melodramatic story about a young man who saves another young man from suicide and then becomes emotionally wrapped up in his despair.

If any of you could reccommend magazines or other formats where these stories might fit, I'd really get a leg up in the quest for publications to send to. School work is dying down some, and I finally have the time I need to focus on this.

And, for those of you who don't have a suggestion, remember there's nearly half a week left in the MAD LIBS rush! Tell your friends and neighbors. Well, your friends, at any rate.


Blogger Th. said...


Fist, walk down to Barnes & Noble. If you can afford it, buy the new 2007 Writer's Market so you can dogear it and mark it all up.

Next time you're at Barnes & Noble, look for magazines of the sort you need--Asimov's say. Then read some and get a sense of what they publish.

The web is extremely useful for this as many mags have online content.

That's where I would start.

Not having read these stories, I can't really suggest specific magazines, but here's a brief breakdown on some I am familiar with.

Asimov's: One of the premier SF outlets. In my opinion, the quality of their stuff is on-and-off. But all this really means is my taste does not quite align with Gardner's.

Analog: The other biggie in SF, from my viewpoint.

Quantum Muse: If they survive the year, you might try them. They published me, after all.

Zoetrope: All-Story: One of the best lit mags running. Quite a few of their stories are available online. They also publish some crap, though, and as a subscriber, that really pisses me off. Their last issue was their best in some time.

One Story: THE BEST SHORT STORY MAGAZING, PERIOD. They're looking for great stuff 3-8000 words and their only real criterium is quality. They are the only magazine that is, in my experience, 100% good. You should all just subscribe anyway. I love them. And a great thing about them is the submission process is all online. No stamps. I have spent a fortune on stamps.

This is what sprang to mind when I read your list. And almost all my stories hit All-Story and One Story just because I would love to be published by a mag I respect.


Here's a list of everywhere I've ever submitted to (if you have questions, ask):

American Literature
Any Dream Will Do Review
Artful Dodge
Cemetery Dance
Chronicle Books for Children
Cicada (Cal)
Cicada (Ind)
City Slab
Covenant Communications
Deseret Book
Decoy Lit
Flesh & Blood
Funny Times
Georgia Review
Gettysburg Review
Henry Holt
Holiday House
Journal of Modern Literature
Lullaby Hearse
New Yorker, The
One Story
Space and Time
Strong Verse
Sun, The
Surreal Magazine
Vestal Review
Weber Studies
Weird Tales
Writers Notes
Zarahemla Books
Zoetrope All-Story

11/29/2006 8:49 PM  
Blogger Master Fob said...

Have I read the serious, realistic one about two young men? I'm pretty sure I've read all the rest.

I don't have any useful suggestions for publication. If I come up with any, I'll let you know.

11/29/2006 10:40 PM  

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